Took a trip on the 93 and been recording!

Hey folks, I took a fun little trip up to Jasper this week and played at the good ol’ Whistle Stop Inn. GREAT gig and I’ve been frequenting that place since 2008, feels like home.

I got that new Neumann mic and its been working wonders for me. Super clear recording, makes it super easy to mix. LOVE IT.

Happy to be home again and actively booking so if you are in need of some live music in December or January hit me up! Would like to fill up my calendar.

Bluegrass picking is coming along, I’ve been playing lots to metronomes and doing drills for technique. I’m noticing significant increases in my speed. I see a light at the end of the tunnel for getting most of these traditional songs on stage. I’m looking forward to jamming these with some bluegrass musicians at some point. Still building up the nerve to hit a jam at some point.

My pal Doug gave me a sweet Baracuda Tele to try out that I’m loving the tone of! Come check it out live at the King Eddy on DECEMBER 9TH when I play with ROOKS!!! <— My multitrack version of AHEAD BY A CENTURY! Recorded in 2017! Fun little project.

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